(The term HoReCa is an acronym that refers to a foodservice industry sector that sells food/beverages.
The term itself combines the first two letters of the words: Hotel, Restaurants, Catering.)


Food is a special experience. It is not only intended to appease one's appetite. It is also meant to create delight. We feel special satisfaction when we manage to prepare a good meal. However, despite our skills, we cannot do everything ourselves. This is why we visit restaurants, hotels, and similar places, especially when we wish to pleasantly surprise someone.

We at Hmezad Trgovina Žalec d.o.o. are very familiar with the connection between food, community, travel, outings, and the feeling of delight. For this very reason, we decided to offer various hotels, restaurants, and catering services products that will help them completely fulfill their guests' expectations.

Within the HoReCa segment, we offer our buyers the following product ranges:

  • milk and dairy products,
  • cheeses,
  • cured food products,
  • pâtés,
  • egg products,
  • compotes,
  • and others.

Of course, we are always attentive to the wishes of our customers, and we are willing to help them find and provide for them those products that are not yet present in the Slovene market.

Challenge us – we have already accepted the challenge in advance!