Our business efforts and goal-achieving strategies often differ but they are not as different as they might appear at first glance. What we have in common is the desire for business excellence, which we cannot achieve alone. This is why we need you, our faithful partners, to join forces and fight the obstacles that stand in our way to success.

Throughout the years, we at Hmezad Trgovina Žalec have formed a special relationship with our partners that is based on mutual cooperation, trust, and honesty. The circle of partners that we work with is large. We work with vendors, distributors, hotels, bakers, confectioners, restaurants, etc. We are extremely proud of each of them; however, at the same time, we welcome new partnerships.  

These are just a few of our partners, without whom our success story would not have become a reality.


Fruit yoghurt Bauer

- from fresh milk
- without preservatives
- without gelatin


Bearing the Bauer
guarantee seal!