Bel Group


Bel Group is a French family-operated multinational cheese company founded in 1865. The Bel mission is to bring smiles to all families through the pleasure and benefits of dairy products. This philosophy makes Bel cheeses unique. Delicious, fun, practical and, synonymous with healthy but enjoyable eating, they are perfectly suited to family life around the world.

Mini Babybel® Original

Discover Mini Babybel®

Fun to eat, fun to open! Just pull the tab to reveal the most delicious little cheese on the planet. Made with 98% milk (and 100% fun!), Mini Babybel is rich in Calcium and it’s loved by kids and adults alike.


  • Natural Cheese made with pasteurised milk
  • HIGH in Calcium
  • Free from added preservatives colours & flavours


In fact, did you know that just one single Mini Babybel contains the same amount of Calcium as a glass of milk?

The Laughing Cow® Original

The Laughing Cow® is the most famous cheese spread in the world. 

Bel's historic brand was born in Léon Bel's French cheese plant in 1921, marking a revolution for consumers. Here was the first processed cheese available in individual wedges that could be preserved and easily carried thanks to its unique aluminum wrapped packaging.


The cheese spread is a good source of Calcium, making it the perfect, fun snack for adults and kids.


Convenient and fun, The Laughing Cow
® has a superbly smooth, creamy taste... and is made with laughter!



The first cheese crafted specifically for children.


Kiri® is the delicious, fun playmate of children! Practical little square servings made from a unique combination of milk and cream fits in perfectly as part of a balanced meal and promotes growth for young kids by providing calcium and essential vitamins. The little gourmet can eat it every day on bread, or simply as a snack!

Kiri® has always offered gourmet cheese spreads that respond perfectly to every mother’s wish to serve her children sugar-free enjoyment


So soft, so white, so creamy... children will fall in love with Kiri®!